Monday, July 16, 2007

Better Living Through Chemicals

I looooooooove drug companies. I admire corporations in general and find it hilarious that screen writers today can no longer come up with any politically correct villains other than large companies. Even the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" writers couldn't find any new monsters other than the East Indian Trading Company. Having paid my $7.50 I expected some new and improved Kraken, some dazzling CG beast. Arrrrr, nope - monster replaced by corporation, very lazy on the writers part.

But enough about popular culture, I'm writing about my favorite things - drug companies. Without them I would be a vegetable in a nursing home somewhere. Without them my blood pressure would surge to such levels the my head would explode. That little blue pill in the morning changed my life and I am GRATEFUL. Sure it too two years to snap out of the funk that my exploratory chemical cocktail put me through. I did get exhausted in the evening, even with an exemplary diet and exercise standard (OK that has only been for the last few months). But consider the alternative........

Its like anything else, you don't appreciate them/it/that until you need it. And I needed that greedy, unfeeling, inhuman, publicly traded, fairy godmother. Her avaricious fairy dust saved my life. Her Asian sister is sprinkling new dust on my forehead. Arigato.

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Anonymous said...

Testify, sister! Testify!